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How Do You Stay Thankful?

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How Do You Stay Thankful?


Is it a challenge to stay thankful? It’s so hard to remember when it seems I leave a flying trail of dust getting from News Year to Labor Day.  Frustrations brought on by long car pool lines, homework assignments from different children with intersecting due dates, not to mention the demands of a spouse, work, family and friends can soon make me forget.  But, Thanksgiving day helps me to remember.
At first it seems that all Thanksgiving seems to do is propel a regular, crazy paced day up a notch or two (or three).  Just this week, after a day of work, I made the trek to Walmart three times in two days for cream cheese, giblets and a mysteriously missing pot scraper.  I predict that in just a few days I will find myself in the same fit of frenzy.  I can see myself now running around the house to find hair bows, shoes and frantically demanding the hubby turn the car around, after of course we have covered ten minutes worth of travel to the designated Thanksgiving dinner spot, because I left the lemon pound cake I stayed up late baking on the kitchen counter.   
Ironically, while Thanksgiving preparation ups the frenzy ante, Thanksgiving day conjures up grateful vapors sending me on a thankful high.  As I sit around the table with family and a full belly, it will dawn on me, how grateful I am to have started and maintained my own family of five for the last seven years.  For the 37th year, as I two step while my daddy blasts Same Cooke and dig into my mama’s cornbread dressing and five layer chocolate cake without fail I will remember how blessed I was to be raised with such a loving and supportive family. 
So it is that Thanksgiving day not only reminds me to be thankful, but that I should do so more often.

How do you stay thankful?


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