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3 Tips to Land Summer Jobs for Tweens & Teens

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3 Tips to Land Summer Jobs for Tweens & Teens

Will your teen find a job this summer? Maybe they will take a class, volunteer or attend some fabulous educational summer camp that will take up most of the summer weeks.  I am all for those things.  We will do a few camps, keep up with reading, writing and arithmetic for sure but that still leaves a whole heck of a lot of time in the day.  Since the teen won't attend a fabulous educational summer camp this year we are looking for her to gain a little work/professionalism experience.  Something that will require the resident teen to spend at least 4-5 hours a day being responsible for something other than making sure that the remote control doesn’t get lonely. 
I was ready last summer to send her out into the work force at the tender age of 13, but unfortunately nobody was hiring.  This summer though I am hopeful.  The teen is one year older and... we have a game plan!

 3 Tips to Land Summer  Work for Tweens and Teens

Create a resume – Find sample templates for teens here.
  • Remember to include all accomplishments and awards – leave nothing out!!
Start a business. Introduce your teen to becoming an entrepreneur this summer.
  • Do they want to babysit, design websites, maintain website for grandma’s walking club or cut grass?
  • Create a flyer, make a basic business plan.  Once business starts to take off they can use the video below to get an idea of how to make a real one!


Practice interviewing.
  • Sit down with your teen and practice interview questions.  If your tween is the one who will gain valuable work experience this summer from a friend of the family (or family of the family) ask can they set up a mock interview.


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