4 History Apps to Help Parent’s Keep Up!

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4 History Apps to Help Parent’s Keep Up!

We are no longer in the days when teachers ask their students to always remember every name and date in their textbook.  If your child is lucky they have a teacher who wants them to fully understand the who, the where and the why of history.  This type of teacher will make history exciting and most of all applicable to your kiddos own lives. 
This also means that your little or big ones will come and talk to you about what they’ve learned.  When they do, if your memory is a little rusty on what happened in the past, then you can just peruse through these history apps to help refresh your memory.


Happy Learning!



Looking to enhance knowledge in: Economics
The Economic Classroom App

This app offers:
Introductory economics
Video lectures
Blog posts providing introductory Economic analysis of world news
Downloadable practice activities
Economic dictionary 

Looking to enhance knowledge in: Civil War
Civil War Interactive App
This app offers:
Major battles and events of the Civil War
Detailed timelines
Recordings of famous speeches of Abraham Lincoln
Photographs and paintings

Looking to enhance knowledge in: History of American Government
Civics for Kids
This app offers:
Eight lessons that cover basic American history, the Constitution, and each of the branches of government
Traditional lessons

Looking to enhance knowledge in: Geography
Stack the States (really more for your little one than you)
This app offers:
States that come to life
State capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags
The ability to touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen 

Here’s to Closing the Achievement Gap!




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