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4 Things to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Get into the Magnet or School of Choice

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4 Things to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Get into the Magnet or School of Choice

Have you ever applied for something and knew that an acceptance would/could change the course of your life – for the better?  Or that a big, fat ‘No’ to your application could have you back in the same ole’ grind you are trying to get out of?  Been there, honey, done that…more than once.  Thankfully I have learned that there is oftentimes a way to work around the ‘No’, until I can get a ‘Yes!’
I feel different when my kiddos receive a ‘no’ to an application than when it’s me.  Have you ever applied to change your child’s school? If you are rich and you don’t like the school your child is zoned for you can send them to private school.  If your money is not that disposable you can opt to participate in school choice.  Where I live school choice means one of two options: apply for a magnet or a school out of your assigned zone.
Around this time of year the ‘yes’s’ and ‘no’s’ start arriving in parents’ email boxes from schools they hope are better than the one their child is zoned for.  If you get a ‘yes’, Hooray! If you get a ‘no’ all is not lost.  Now is the time to work that no until you get a yes.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Ask about honors and accelerated classes.  Most honors and accelerated classes offer critical thinking, skills definitely needed in not only college but for a job as well. Perhaps the high level thinking in these classes will satisfy you until you can get your child in the magnet or school of choice.
    • If your child is in high school and you think the CP classes are not challenging them you may be able to sign a waiver to get them into honors and AP.
  • Contact the district office.  There may be a waiting list.  Sometimes schools will let you know about this, and sometimes they will not.
  • Can you reapply next year? If so speak with the school to see what steps you can take next year to increase your chances.  Did your child have an interview? Review the process with them. Or you can make a nice call to the magnet or school.  Maybe they can discuss your child’s application and let you know what needs to be stronger. 
  • If your child didn’t get in because they had low test scores than speak with their current teacher.  Find out their standardized test scores and what they mean.  For instance is your child on grade level?  If not what help can the school provide to get him/her there?


Chin up, there's always next year!!



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