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5 Ways You May Be Able to Get Around Out-of-State Tuition

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5 Ways You May Be Able to Get Around Out-of-State Tuition

When it was time for me to go to college I made my college wish list and showed it to my parents.  That’s when I learned a few terms, like in-state and out-of-state tuition.  Of course I didn’t have one college on my list within the state limits.  It was then that my parents informed me: cross off all of the out-of-state colleges and go back and add all of the in-state ones.  Huh? What?My parents had planned to pay for me and my sister’s college tuition.  That meant college tuition on their budget and their budget said in-state tuition only. 
Well, when it’s time for the kiddos to choose a college I hope I don’t have to chop their list in half because certain schools aren't within the state border.  And before I do I will check out a few of these ways to possibly get around the costly out-of-state tuition.  They are not guaranteed but well worth a try!
Do you work for the state or federal government?
Are you in the military, but your teen wants to attend a school out of state? Or perhaps you are a police wo (men), fire wo(men) or teacher? Sometimes schools they will waive residency requirements for you. Check it out.
Can you obtain residency?
Purchase a home or lease an apartment for a year in the state of the college your child plans to attend. But don’t just stop there.  The next steps?
  • Pay state income taxes
  • get a library card
  • Register a car
  • Obtain a driver’s license
  • register to vote
Benefits from your alma mater?
See if the school you graduated from will waive out of state tuition for their good ole’ alum’s teen!
Maybe you college scholar qualifies for the Academic Common Market?
If a degree program is not available in your state and your teen can find it in another then Academic Common Market might be able to help. To qualify you must: 
  • Be a resident of one of the 15 SREB states.
  • Select a program eligible for residents of your home state.
  • Complete the admission process at the institution offering the eligible Academic Common Market program.
  • Be certified as a resident of your home state 
Pay someone to do the legwork for you.
There’s a company called In-State Angels and for a fee they will do all the legwork for you to see what it will take for your college bound teen  to gain in-state tuition.
Bonus: Check with your guidance counselor and see what they know!



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