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6 Ways Your Teen Can Research their Dream Career this Summer

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6 Ways Your Teen Can Research their Dream Career this Summer

Many children follow in their parents’ career footsteps.  It makes sense right?  Parents can help jump start a career in a field they are familiar with by not only showing their child the ropes, but also by putting them in touch with the ‘right people’.   My oldest is talking art – well at least this week she is.  I don’t know a highly successful and professional soul in the art world (yet).  But I don’t want to tell the oldest to reach for the stars and then say, “Hold up, not that one!’  
I am not going to lie.  It did cross my mind to try and sway her choice with stories about starving artists.  But I didn’t.  Foolishly we forgot she was a teenager and tried to rationally explain  to her how much of a challenge it would be to venture off on a new career path.  I am over that method.  Our next strategy? We decided to have her look at all the hard work it will take to achieve her art goals by following another artist’s career.  Perhaps doing her own research this summer will allow her to get it. 

Teens Summer Career Project: Setting Realistic Career Goals

  1. Choose at least three people in a particular field they aspire to.
  2. What was their educational track? – Did they go to college? Did they graduate college?
  3. What kind of jobs or internships did they have? – Are these internships/jobs still available today?
  4. How many years did it take for them to reach success? – Did they work for years with little or no pay?
  5. Who’s who in the field?  - Look up the ‘way makers’ in the field of choice, i.e. people who taught the ‘way makers’ or do business with them.  Your teen can reach out to them on social media or write them a letter for advice.
  6. Find a mentor – Who’s who in the field where you live?  Can they recommend a mentor if they are not available?




Here’s to Closing the Achievement Gap!


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