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7 Things My Mama Taught Me about Being a Mama

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7 Things My Mama Taught Me about Being a Mama

Do you parent like your mother?  When I first became a mother I stayed with my mama (and daddy) for about two years.  In that time I took in everything I could from her – from how to change pampers, burp a baby and one of the best lessons of all? How to feed a baby table food.  The only reason my three will willingly eat vegetables to this day is because I watched my mama put on an unbelievable, from the diaphragm, Oscar winning I’m-so-excited-about-these-vegetables performance to encourage my oldest to eat them. 
But there are certain things my mama taught me that I am most grateful for. Like:
  • Make sure the kiddos have home cooked meals (protein, starch and veggie).
  • Start my day before the kiddos when we’ve got some place to be.
  • No make-up until sixteen and no over exposure of skin….EVER!
  • Children should be seen and not heard.
  • The constant need to offer kisses and tight, squeeze your rib cage hugs.
  • The need to say I love you…often and with ease.
  • The importance of affirming the beauty of my kiddo’s skin and hair.
I have switched up things a little now that I am a mama. I prefer organic food and no beef or pork.  I allow my kiddos to stay up until eleven o’clock on the weekends.  I do not make it to church every Sunday (not because I am against church, I am just not that organized yet). 
I realize I don’t have to copy and paste everything little thing my mama did  into my mamahood experiences just to feel as if I am doing motherhood ‘right’.  Still there are days that I try.  And ultimately at the core of every mama thing that I do I can’t deny that I have my mama to thank for it.



What do you thank your mama for teaching you about being a mama?


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