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Parenting through the School Years, established in 2012, provides a link between parents, students and school.

We have spoken with parents through surveys and in person.  Most parents have a limited amount of time to spend helping their child with homework. Parents are challenged with finding time between work, school, sports and arts activities and how to help with the current push in school for ‘new’ math and reading comprehension.

Parents are looking for convenient ways to provide homework help and overall educational success specific to their child’s needs, beyond worksheets and patch working a variety of educational apps.  Parents consider PTSY their school concierge, providing invaluable information on the new twenty first century schooling rules.






Sharla Brown, Founder

Dr. Sharla Brown is the mother of three and wife to one.  Her in-depth work on race, intergenerational inequality, social class status and macro and micro structures has led her to an awareness of the disconnect between parents of school age children and the expectations of school. Brown’s work is primarily inspired by her three children.  After becoming a teacher she realized the vast educational services and opportunities she, and many other parents, were not aware of.  Her goal is to close the academic achievement gap so that all students are learning and exceling on a level playing field.


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