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All Eyes on Me: Upping My MamaHood Game

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All Eyes on Me: Upping My MamaHood Game

What were you like before you had children?  I remember all too well the daily naps, sleeping in till noon and… ahem…mediocre attempts at exceptionalism. For example, it would not be out of character for me to have a cigarette after a heart pumping, sweat inducing aerobics class.  And vegetables?  Only if you consider eating a supreme pizza as a valid way to reach your daily veggie quota.
Now, I realize that I have eyes watching. I am not hardly trying to say that I do every little thing perfectly.  Not even.  But the ‘I always feel like somebody’s watching me’ sensation has been heightened since having children. In much the same way one hopes to God they don’t trip on their long walk to the front of the room.
I will be the first to testify that having children brings three developed countries accumulated debt kind of stress.  That the first thing to go after you have kiddos is freedom, followed by childless friends and sleep.  But in the end, for me, having the kiddos was a come up. 
No more noon time wake up calls. I get up early and attack the day – or at least come out swinging by nine on the weekends. With breakfast to cook who has time to sleep in?  Plus, the kiddos motivate me to be healthy.  Forget fried chicken or juicy, greasy burgers for dinner almost every night.  Not only do I do my best to stay away from ingesting one huge greasy meal a day, with chips, soda and little Debbie snack cakes in between – I eat fruits and get my serving of veggies at dinner when I sit down with the family.  I can’t make the kiddos eat their veggies and then get caught stuffing mine in a napkin – though sometimes I admit I still wanna.   Without the kiddos I’d eat breakfast at noon and dinner around nine o’clock …fresh from the drive thru window…before I even made it to my driveway.
I may be setting a schedule, some sense of order and stability for the kiddos, but really they do it for me as well.  They make me better. They make me want to make them proud, to strive for more - all of which is also great for helping me stay consistent in making my daily veggie quota.


What have you changed for the better since having kids?


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