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Appreciation: The Best Father’s Day Present Ever

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Appreciation: The Best Father’s Day Present Ever

What are your plans this Father’s Day?  Most men will not admit it, but I do think they slightly envy all of the attention mother’s receive on Mother’s day.  I detect a tinge of bitterness in the comparison of Mother’s Day flower arrangements, dinners and the giving of gifts so expensive and well thought out that all offspring must chip in.  Fathers are not blind to the unequal gifting of ugly ties and after thought socks.  Dads will say that mother’s definitely deserve the over the top attention on Mother’s Day – and they do.  That they recognize how hard it is to be the primary caregiver – as they should.  But on Father's Day should dads be showered with the same Mother’s Day love? Mmmmm…. perhaps.   
I will confess that when I get together with girlfriends at some point in time in the conversation, well actually all throughout the conversation, we do an official roasting of our husbands.  We commiserate about the way they don’t do housework or kid work for that matter.  But mostly we talk about how we just find it unbelievable that we signed up for a deal where they (meaning the hubbies) get to sit about as much as we stand.
 In 2013 PEW reported that
  •  Fathers’ spend more time doing housework since 1965 (from an average of about four hours per week to about 10 hours).
  • Mothers’ time doing housework has gone down significantly over the same period (from 32 hours per week to 18).
  • Men spend more time than women in leisure activities (such as watching TV, playing games, socializing and exercising).
  • Among parents with children under age 18, fathers spend, on average, 28 hours per week on leisure activities, while mothers spend 25 hours on leisure.
Yes it is sad and potentially upsetting that housework and child care duties are divided unfairly still – especially in the moment when he’s sitting and I am standing.  However, lest I forget there are times that he is standing and I am sitting: 
  • He, not me is the one who goes back and forth to Lowe’s to find the right part for whatever thingamajig that broke, fell off or needs to be replaced.
  • He, not me cuts the grass in 100 degree, Southern humidity.
  • He, not me sometimes bone tired makes good on his promise to take the kiddos outside to play after a long day of work. 
  • He, not me gets up, if needed, in the middle of the night to find medicine or forgotten school supplies for the kiddos.
  • He, not me takes the kiddos to soccer practice (in all the elements).
  • He will step in to fill the duties I have signed up for if/when I am bone tired/sick.
Perhaps there may be a possibility that the hubby and I offset responsibilities for the house and the kiddos.  Nahhh, I know I beat him easily on the standing thing by at least twenty hours any day of the week. But, in an effort to be Mother’s Day appreciative I won’t mention this one time on Father’s Day.


How do you show appreciation on Father’s Day?


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