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Are Your Kiddos Watching You Read?

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Are Your Kiddos Watching You Read?

What used to take the attention of your mama growing up?  Soap operas? Perhaps endless hours of phone conversations with girlfriends?  No doubt these things were the equivalent mama attention stealer of a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest today.  But I must say, even when my mama’s attention was focused on a TV program or the latest gossip she still had her mamas antennas up.  Ready to tell me in a flash to stop running through the house or close the door before I let flies in.  However any time she had her head stuck in a book her mama antennae were turned off and I could count on a delayed reprimand  in her telling me to stop doing something I had no business doing. 
To this day I too love a good book.  And yes, my mama took me to the library as a child.  But I don’t think my library trips were the only thing to fuel my love of reading.  In hindsight I believe my love of reading was mostly in part fueled by me trying to figure out what was between the pages, what was going on in the tiny script that could capture my mama’s attention so. 
Not surprisingly a recent report by Scholastic, in conjunction with YouGov, which explored family attitudes and behaviors around reading books for fun, found that there are several predictors that children ages 6–17 will be frequent readers. Three dynamics among the most powerful predictors are:
  • being more likely to rate themselves as “really enjoying reading”
  • a strong belief that reading for fun is important and
  • having parents who are frequent readers.
I must admit I am doing the same as my mama.  I can get completely lost in a book.  If I am reading a John Grisham book you can forget about trying to get me to look up – no matter how many times the kiddos yell, “Mommy. Mommy.’   I used to feel sort of bad about it. I used to think that maybe my deep concentration in a book is equivalent to ignoring the kids while I looked for the perfect picture to add to my Dream House board on Pinterest.  Well, not any more.  Instead of feeling as if I am depriving the kiddos of my attention while I am reading, I now see it as preparing them to ‘ignore’ their children one day while they get lost in what’s going on in the tiny script of a book.


Do you and your kiddos love to read?


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