Aunt Sharon’s French Toast

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Aunt Sharon's French Toast

I love spending time with family and when I am not able to sometimes food hits the spot in reminding me what it’s like to be with them.  French toast is one food for sure.  Growing up my mama made big Saturday morning breakfasts: grits and salmon, biscuits and sausage and pancakes.  Hands down my mama still makes the best pancakes to this day!  But, my mama never made French toast.  Not never. 
If I wanted French toast I had to wait until we went somewhere for vacation and we had to eat our breakfast at Shoney’s.  That is until I went to spend the night at my aunt and uncles house.  My auntie Sharon would make a special treat for all of her girl nieces.  For dinner there was her favorite spaghetti and for breakfast there was her famous French toast, a delight to my taste buds every time she made them.  Unfortunately my auntie has since passed on.  And there is no doubt that I do miss her so.  But I can hear and feel her with me every time I make these French toast, not only because she made the best ones but also because she taught me how.







1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 -2 tsp sugar
1 egg
6-7 slicesTexas toast






Heat pan.


Whisk together heavy cream, milk, cinnamon, sugar and egg.
French Toast


Add a pat of butter, about 1/2 tbsp, making sure it covers bottom of pan.
French Toast


Dip bread, both sides in mixture.
French Toast
French Toast


Fry bread in butter, brown one side and then the other. Repeat with other slices!
French Toast
French Toast




Have a wonderful weekend with the family!!


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