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Bring On Spring With Science Experiments

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Bring On Spring With Science Experiments

This Friday, March 20, is the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. And I am planning to take advantage of a teachable moment.  There are times when the kiddos have to learn, like when they hit the school door.  But I also realize that the best times for learning are when the kiddos have a natural interest in something. Sometimes I can tell what the kiddos are interested in by just listening to them.  We might be riding down the street and someone will ask, “What does that sign mean?” Or “Do you see that rainbow, how do rainbows happen ma?’ or ‘I didn’t know that movie was a book first.’  When the kiddos have a natural interest in something I try my best to take advantage of the situation and Google as fast as I can before they lose interest.
But sometimes I try to see if I can spark an interest in learning by what’s going on around them.  And this time spring has sparked my inspiration!


Happy Learning!



High and Middle School


Have your college bound genius learn about genetically modified foods by watching the first fifteen to twenty minutes (or more) of this documentary. 
Discuss with them what they learned? Do they believe everything in the documentary?
Next have your college bound genius check out the labels in the pantry and look up certain ingredients.  They can learn more about ingredients and additives here
Lastly have your teen try their hand at engineering a crop!  Do they think genetic engineering is necessary as the population grows?






Learn about photosynthesis for older whiz kids with this video:


Learn about photosynthesis for younger whiz kids with this video:




Next, take all your whiz kids learned about photosynthesis outside.  Pick a spot and plant a garden or flowers. They can:
  1. Help pick the fruits and vegetables to plant.
  2. Pick a place for the garden. Once they pick a spot ask your whiz kid to explain why they chose that spot.  Will your seeds get enough sunlight?
  3. Dig small holes in the dirt, drop in a few seeds and then cover the holes with dirt.
  4. Water the plants. 





Learn what plants needs to grow.

Plant a seed in a Styrofoam cup and watch it grow in the window seal!




Here’s to Closing the Achievement Gap!



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