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Can Year Round Schooling Cure the Summer Slide?

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Can Year Round Schooling Cure the Summer Slide?

What happens when you stop working out?  Weeks off from stretching and sweating and when you finally go back you feel the pain for a few weeks afterwards.  Your muscles sting through your skin every time you move.  It’s enough to make you vow to stay in shape.  Well, maybe not you but I know I have been there before. 
There are some benefits to staying in shape I think.  The same kind of benefits I believe my kiddos get when we don’t take a break off from school during the summer.  When I was coming up I did read during the summer but that’s about it.  I did like most kiddos and did not think about a number, science or social studies fact until I cracked a book again in September.   
I sometimes wonder if it would be better if the kiddos just went to school all year long. With a traditional schedule the kiddos go to school for 180 days until June, taking a break in November, December and April.  If the kiddos were on a year round schedule they would go for either:
  • 45-15 plan (45 days on/15 days off)
  • 60-20 plan (60 days on/20 days off)
  • 90-30 plan (90 days on/30 days off)
Most research doesn’t see any real advantages of year round schooling over traditional.  Year round schooling works for some school districts in the U.S.  Mostly in areas where children are already really behind academically. 
If year round schooling is not the solution to stunting the summer learning loss than something has to be.  As long as I have breath and ability the kiddos will not return to school after ten weeks forgetting the last chapters of what they learned before they left.  Uh-uh.  NO way.  Instead I will continue to create summer activities (outside of the school summer packet) so the kiddos brains will stay in shape.  And hopefully this will cut down on any potential brain cramps that may pop up in August.



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