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Career Advice: What Young Adults Wish Their Parents Would Tell Them

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Career Advice: What Young Adults Wish Their Parents Would Tell Them

What kind of career advice did your parents give you?  The type of career advice my parents gave me involved be on time, work hard and most importantly choose wisely.  Before I even entered college I’d heard my parents scorn certain careers.
Education – definite ‘good’ job.
Nursing – definite ‘good’ job.
Business –everybody’s majored in it, nobody can find a job.
Psychology or Sociology – no money in that, forget about it.
I later came to understand that to my parents it was not as if some careers were better than others, but rather they felt some careers had a quicker return on investment.  Meaning after graduation, if I chose wisely, it would be highly unlikely I’d end up with a college degree but spend my days waitressing until somebody called me to use my skills for a career not yet invented.  Good. Sound. Parental advice.  However, when it comes to career advice I do wish my parents would have told me a few more things.
In 2014 Adecco Way to Work survey revealed that youth 18-24 also wish their parents would have told them a few things about the world of work:
  • 63 % say the way their parents raised them has prepared them to go after the job they want. 
However, when it comes to career lessons, American youth are most likely to wish their parents had taught them:
  • the importance of making connections and networking (31%)
  • how to make a good impression (25%).
  • how to negotiate (23%)
  • strong work ethic (23%)
  • the importance of getting as much work experience as possible (22%)
  • the benefits of going to college (18%)
  • not to take a job you hate/are not passionate about (17%)
While our parents did teach me and my sister most of the above – we had no clue the importance of such skills like networking and negotiating in a career.  All I can say is that thank God we know about such things now, so we can pass all this new found career advice on to our three later.


What career advice are you passing on to your children?


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