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Change Has Come: Diverse Children’s Books on the Rise

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Change Has Come: Diverse Children’s Books on the Rise

What did you read when you were little?  During my day it was various versions of See Dick and Jane Run.  If I wanted to see characters in a book that looked like me I had to wait until a copy of Peter’s Chair or Goggles became available at the library.  At the time I didn’t think it mattered that Dick and Jane didn’t look like me. However, researchers have concluded that children do well when they have access to mirror books – books that reflect themselves.
In recent years many have complained about the lack of diversity in children’s books.  Well, it seems that the collective complaints have been heard, at least for now. Cooperative Children’s Book Center reported that there was an increase in children’s books published in 2014.  The findings included that for:
  • African or African-American content: 93 titles in 2013, 179 in 2014.
  • Asian/Pacific or Asian/Pacific-American content: 69 titles in 2013, 112 in 2014.
  • American Indians content: 34 titles in 2013, 36 titles in 2014
  • Latinos content: 57 titles in 2013, 66 in 2014.
Hopefully the offering of diverse children’s books will stay on the uptick.  It would be nice if diverse children’s books were published a little faster too.  It doesn’t take us long to run through the few diverse books that are available.  Now I am on the lookout for an increase in diverse middle grade and young adult books.  Quiet as it's kept the pickings are slim in that area too.



Are you finding it easier to find more books with children of color these days?


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