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Change of Hairstyle, Change of Attitude (I’m Serious this Time)

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Change of Hairstyle, Change of Attitude (I’m Serious this Time)

I’ve sacrificed a lot as a mother.  Bubble baths for one, the ability to take one hour to myself to get dressed for another.  I even sacrificed my big afro six years ago after I had my second daughter.  Who has time to braid and twist three heads (including mine) on the weekend?  Not I. I realize that motherhood is full of sacrifices, most of which are made without even a second thought.  Before the kiddos I used to aim for cute when I went out.  Cute being a fresh ‘do from the beauty salon, a stylish top, a nice fitted pair of jeans and some shoes with any kind of heeI.  After three kids my definition of cute has changed to being showered, having a combed head, matching socks and lotioned legs (shameful…I know).  But as the kiddos get older and more independent I am beginning to rethink some of my sacrifices, starting with my hair.
When I was a little girl I always longed for hairstyles that matched my attitude.  I wrapped a towel around my head to swing back and forth while I sang my heart out to my Walkman blasting Whitney Houston.   When I was in middle school I wanted my hair like Salt and Pepa. Watching the Push It video I just knew that if I had their hairstyle I would feel as funky and free as they looked.  From early on I have believed that changing my hair can make me feel different, like I had a new attitude. 
Many women change their hairstyles.  A study last year in Britain asked 560 women between the ages of 18 and 65 about their hairstyle habits.  Some women reported changing their hairstyle slightly by cutting a few inches.  Some women reported they felt the need to change their hair color or style when the seasons changed. The study also found that British women:
•             change their hairstyle 36 times in a lifetime
•             41% changed their hairstyle every two years
•             4% changed their look every six months
I may not be British but I understand the desire to alter one’s attitude by changing your hair-do up every now and again.  Truth be told, motherhood (and life in general) has made me kinda forget that.  I don’t even think that my last hairstyle change really counted as it was made when my youngest was a newborn.  Sadly, the downsize of my ‘fro was an attempt to add convenience to my life, not as a means to enhance a changing attitude.  But, I am making a strong comeback.  The kiddos are getting older and more independent. I feel a new attitude emerging and a new hairstyle to go with it.  After six years it is way past time to take a brief venture back down the road of self-indulgence.


Do you change your hairstyle if you feel a new attitude coming on?


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