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Reminding the Kiddos to Question How the Story Gets Told

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childrens books veterans day
If three people were to witness an event and all three were asked to re-tell what happened, there is no doubt that one would receive three different versions of the story.  Such is the case with history, while there are many great Americans who we pay homage to for building, maintaining and protecting the United States, those who signed the check (or those somewhere near when the check was signed) for construction, labor and materials usually get their version of events in textbooks and school curriculum standards.
Rarely are diverse opinions present when the question is asked which version of events and people should be placed into textbooks and school curriculum's. As a result, much is omitted, unsung heroes are left out and our children begin to suffer from unsung hero amnesia. Unsung hero amnesia is already happening as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance Program reported that in 2010 NAEP found only 2% of tested 12,000 12th graders correctly identified a quote about Brown v. Board of Education.  Educational researchers presume this may be a result of many students in America attending schools that spend little to no time teaching about the Civil Rights Movement.
Well, not today will unsung heroes be forgotten nor shall we suffer from unsung hero amnesia! Parenting through the School Years would like to give thanks to the unsung men and women who have served in the military. We hope that all, past and present, have a wonderful Veteran’s Day!

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