Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate Covered Fruit

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Chocolate Covered Fruit

What are your Mother’s Day plans? I used to think that Mother’s Day meant a day off. Not. Unless that is you have Mother’s Day seniority.  Which of course I have yet to earn. 
On my first Mother’s Day I had only been a mother for a few months.  I was fortunate enough to still be in the phase of new motherhood where plates of food were still brought to me and my only real responsibility was to hold my baby.  Now, three kids in those days are long gone.  Mother’s Day for me means collaborating with the other women in the family to make sure that veteran Mothers have nothing to do but sit, chat and eat.  Which is fine with me, because they deserve it.
I am making chocolate covered fruit to pass the time while the veteran mother’s sit and chat until dinner is ready.  And I’m going to tell my daughter to take note.  I want these when my veteran mama days come around.






2 cups milk chocolate morsels
2-3 tbsp. shortening
Apples (roll apple slices around in lemon juice to prevent browning)





Make a hot water bath. Heat a pot of water.  Place bowl over pot.  Then add milk chocolate and shortening in a bowl.  Stir with whisk and wait until all melts evenly together.
Chocolate Covered Fruit


Chocolate Covered Fruit

Rinse fruit and then make sure to dry off fruit with paper towel – or your chocolate won’t stick.
Chocolate Covered Fruit


Dip fruit into chocolate.  Place into refrigerator for at least 20-30 minutes.
Chocolate Covered Fruit
Chocolate Covered Fruit


Have a wonderful weekend with the family!!


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