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College Planning on a Snowy Day

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College Planning on a Snowy Day

What to do at home on a school has been cancelled snowy day? My three would prefer to mentally overdose on episodes of Good Luck Charlie, ESPN or Say Yes to the Dress.  The kiddos can stay glued to a TV all day long – if I were to let them.  And to be honest if schools cancelled and I have a deadline to meet, I do.  Then there are those rare occasions when I am prepared or at least have a plan of action.  My plan of action is not a full fledged lesson, it’s more like planned activities with purpose.
On the rare days that school is out the two youngest get to work on some sort of educational app, website or worksheet. The teen, however, is another story.  High school independence means that I am not always aware of what she’s covering in all of her classes.  Instead of being a homework hawk, as I am with the younger kiddos, I have found that with the teen I am needed more and more in a supporting role.   Instead of checking homework nightly I wait to be asked for help in finding a tutor.   And instead of just buying college sweatshirts and talking about college days I do my best to make college more of a fast approaching reality. 
When the teen tells me she’s done all of her homework or that she has nothing to do, no worries…mama’s got a plan.  It’s called make a plan to get to college, AKA a plan to leave our house one day.  An activity she’s usually ready to do, snowy day or not.

Here’s how we are preparing for college:

  • Explore a major and find at least one person they admire who’s doing well in their intended field. I also challenge her to see if she can find what path they took, i.e. college, internships, mentors
  •  Make a list of what matters in a college, i.e. would they prefer to be close to home, a low student to professor ratio, HBCU or PWI
  •  Choose at least three colleges and visit their websites. Then after viewing the site I like to have her turn into to me the colleges SAT and G.P.A requirements as well as any famous or successful alumni.
  •  Lastly I have her practice SAT Subjects tests questions, ‘cause it’s better to figure out what she will need to improve on now than later.



How are you preparing your teen for college?


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