Choosing the Best Tutor for the Kiddos

Choosing the Best Tutor for the Kiddos

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Choosing the Best Tutor for the Kiddos


When it comes to schooling and parenting what do you need help with?  Some things are completely out of my realm of expertise, one being math.  I can count money just fine, but I am a firm believer that if I had a more pleasant relationship with math when I was younger I would perhaps have not run screaming from statistics in college.  Thankfully my husband loves numbers and when the kids need help explaining something they can go to him.
But even if you have an expertise in a certain subject sometimes if can be a bit of a challenge to teach your own children.  I know for me my patience wears thin faster with my own children than others. Perhaps because my own children know that sliding down, whining and crying in their chair is enough to make me want to shake somebody - leaving more fussing and less tutoring.
 Maybe it’s not that your child is having trouble  in class, but you want to make sure they stay ahead.  Tutors, also known as providing a ‘shadow education’, are a great choice for both. 

How do you choose a tutor?

  • Ask your child’s teacher, family members or people at church to recommend someone.
  • Determine how much experience the tutor  has in the desired content.
  • Look for a tutor that will assess where your child may be grade level wise BEFORE tutoring begins.
  • Look for a tutor that is interested in your child’s previous test scores (i.e. school standardized testing).

What type of tutoring services can you look for?

  • Private
  • Tutoring center (i.e. support classes or programs at school, Sylvan Learning Center etc.)
  • Online tutoring
  • Tutoring software

How much money are we talking for a tutor?

Private Tutor
  • $10 to $15 per hour for a high school student.
  • Up to $75 per hour for a certified teacher with experience.
  • $100 or more for a teacher trained and qualified to work with children with special needs .
Tutoring Agency
  • $25-$100 per hour Word to the wise: Look around.  While some agencies like Sylvan have a good reputation for helping students make progress they can be pricey.  With a little research you may be able to find a lesser known agency that can do the same for half the price.
Online Tutoring
  • Some subscriptions could cost you as much as $100 per month
  • Check out these Online Tutoring sites


Have you ever been on the tutor hunt for your children?

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