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Earth Day: Black Kids Can be ‘Green’ Too

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Earth Day: Black Kids Can be ‘Green’ Too

I don’t know about you but growing up the closest our family ever came to saving the earth was when we used to collect aluminum cans and take them to the recycling center.  It was probably only five years ago that I started making use of the red recycle bin that our county provides.  Other than that all trash made it to the Herby Curby, there was no contemplation about separation of glass from plastics.
But, today is a new day.  I am not exactly a budding environmentalist, but I am at least a little more conscious about saving the planet.  This Earth Day I want encourage our children to do better than me.   I want them to know that there are so many ways for them to help save the earth.  In order to do so we intend to givea few of these earth saving strategies a try!

For the Big Kids:Think about Environmental Justice:

Earth Day african american parents green save the planet

  1. Have the kiddos take a look of this map of Poison Places (brace yourself).

Then Ask:

  1. What air pollution is and why places with bad air pollution are not good places to live.
  2. What makes a place a good place to live and who do they believe usually has enough money to live in places like that?
  3. The kiddos to think about why pollution may exist in more places than others.
  4. Let them know that people of color suffer the most from air pollution. (The map below may prove interesting for the upper elementary kiddos)
 Earth Day african american parents green save the planet
Lastly ask for SOLUTIONS! For instance you and the kiddos could:
  • Create a YouTube video letting people know about how bad the air pollution is in your area.
  • Create a YouTube video with an anti-air pollution message.
  • Create a letter or speech to present to your congressman or woman.

For the elementary kids: Grow a Garden…Anywhere:

Earth Day african american parents green save the planet

Do you live or know of someone close to you that lives in an area short on fresh fruits and veggies? Encourage the tweens and teens to do something about it. Take action like Denzel Thompson, an young urban farmer, who helps urban areas find room to plant fruits and vegetables.

For the Preschool and Kindergarten kids:

Earth Day african american parents green save the planet

  • Teach the little ones to recycle by making recycle bins 
  • Earth Day african american parents green save the planet
  • Visit a recycling center.
  • Reminders to not leave water running
  • Read books about Earth Day!


How ‘Green’ is your family?

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