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Getting Your Tween or Teen College Ready

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Getting Your Tween or Teen College Ready


Are you parenting a teenager? When I was in high school my friends and I half way competed with each other for grades and college acceptance letters.  Our group of four was insulated from anyone who claimed that our aspirations for good grades and college acceptance letters were a sign of ‘acting white’.  But, we did struggle to transition from classes of rote memorization to higher level thinking when we switched from college prep to AP courses.  Today, I see some of the same challenges with my oldest.  She has been accused of ‘acting White’.  And her recent shift from regular to honors has her honor roll shifty.
Let me just say, waking up for feedings every two hours in the middle of the night was a piece of cake compared to raising a tween.
 Still we keep telling her that good grades and standardized test scores lead to college and if she was ever confused, college is the goal.  No matter what kind of comments and feelings of insecure intellect come her way. 
If you are fortunate enough to be parenting a teenager, college has more than likely pushed its way to the forefront of your ‘To Do’ list.  PTSY supports youth of color receiving degrees, especially since the immediate college enrollment rate in 2011 for:
  • Blacks – 65%
  • Hispanic – 63%
  • Asian - 80-90%
  • White – 69%
Teens may be hard-headed, but if they are on the fence about going to college remind them that despite recent economic under or unemployment:
  • New jobs in all industries are demanding more education.
  • In 2012 200,000 jobs for workers with at least a Bachelor’s degree were added during the recession, and  2 million more jobs for college-educated workers have been added during the recovery
  • In 2012, the workforce has 14 percent fewer workers with a high school diploma

PTSY understands like you that college matters. What can you do?


Visit and get a free step-by-step college plan.  They even have plans for those in 8th grade and up.
It’s never too early to start preparing your tween for college. Some experts suggest getting started as early as 6th grade!
Try these SAT prep tips for your middle schooler on how to take the PSAT or SAT.


From listen to the Webinar: Completing the FAFSA — What You Need to Know.
Parent Action Plan: 12th Grade – a checklist for Winter and Spring.
Where can your child go to prepare for the SAT? Here are 5 sites to lead you in the right direction!

How are you preparing your tween or teen for college?

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