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Parenting Tips: Preparing Your Teen for AP exams, EOC Tests and Standardized Testing

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Parenting Tips: Preparing Your Teen for AP exams, EOC Tests and Standardized Testing

The end of the school year is quickly approaching.  If you have teens then this means an End of Course (EOC), AP exam or some other form of standardized testing is in your child’s future.  Most definitely the name of the game in school is standardized testing.  Standardized testing unfortunately is used to determine placement into accelerated or honors classes.  Additionally, the results on AP exams have the potential for your child to gain college credit in high school.  Until school systems figure out what’s fair and how to assess learning our approach is to prepare the kiddos for standardized tests as  much as we can.  Our plan of attack? Partner with whatever their teachers are doing, review the standards being tested and come up with as many drills as possible. 


Looking for sample questions to help your teen review? Well look no more!



AP Practice Exam Questions

  • Find more sample tests here




History & Social Science


Math & Computer Science


  • Find more sample tests here


World Languages & Cultures
  • Find more sample tests here



EOC Testing

(These videos are good for reviews or for clarification.  You can find actual practice tests for different subjects here.)
Science: Biology EOC Review (snappy video for review with music)



Chemistry EOC Review (teacher goes over sample EOC Chemistry questions)



History: Westward Expansion: Crash Course US History EOC Review (you can also find great videos on the Suffrage Movement, Industrial Revolution, Immigration and Slavery)



Math: Algebra EOC Review (teacher goes over actual sample EOC Algebra questions)


English: English EOC Review( teacher reviews English standards)



Standardized Testing

parenting tips testing standardized tests

Smarter Balanced Assessments
Provides sample assessments aligned to the Common Core in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics
Explore sample items and performance tasks:


parenting tips standardized testing

Triumph Learning
Provides sample assessments in workbooks.  May not provide higher level thinking questions, but practice nonetheless.
Find more ways to prepare for standardized testing here



How else can PTSY help you prepare your teen for their upcoming standardized test?

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