Summer Edition – No Summer Sliding Here in History

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Summer Edition – No Summer Sliding Here in History

Does your child love history and geography? Or do they find history (aka social studies) and geography class to be a bit boring? Most students see these classes as memorizing a bunch of pointless facts.  To the contrary! This summer instead of having your kiddos go over a bunch of historical facts and memorizing different kings and explorers, Parenting Through the School Years offers history and geography in a new and improved way. Here’s to closing the achievement gap! 


For the Big Kids:

Geography - Cultural convergence  

Ask your teen what country they would like to visit one day.
Download (if you haven’t already) Google Earth and have your teen check out exactly where they are in relation to where they’d like to visit.
Ask your teen to locate, either with Google Earth or by just Googling, what American restaurants could they visit in the country of their choice.
Inform them that American restaurants in other countries is an example of cultural convergence = The growing similarity between national cultures, i.e. beliefs, values, aspirations, and the preferences of consumers.


Your teen can read more about this at The American Fast Food the World Loves: Top Global Brands (from
Have your teen write down while you’re at work how they think American restaurants in other countries have an impact on that countries culture.

World History - Identify the key figures of the Renaissance and the Reformation and their contributions.

Explain to your tween that the Renaissance was about spreading new ideas, new ways of thinking.
Have them watch a video on the Renaissance 



While you’re at work have your tween write about:
 What kind of power does an idea have?
Does it matter who has the idea/where the idea is coming from?
Can one person’s idea spark change?
How do ideas spread now?
What new ideas today have changed the world – the way we think and act today?




For the elementary kids:

World History – Social Class Status

Money and how it stays in the hands of some and not others is a major theme all throughout history.  It’s important for the kiddos to understand that money isn’t just about buying food, clothes and shoes, but also about land, politics and power. 
Talk about the fact that some people have lots of money and some do not. 
To get the conversation started about social class status read books like Rent Jazz Party, The Can Man and The Princess and the Frog.



Compare characters in the books or talk about certain characters in detail.  For example with the Princess and the Frog.  Ask why they think Tiana had to work so hard to save money for her business when her friend, Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff, did not have to work at all.
Ask do they think it’s fair that some families have so much and some do not? (I would love to hear what they have to say!)



For the Preschool and Kindergarten kids:


Explain that maps can help people find their way.
Help your little kiddo create a map of your home.
Go bigger and create a map of the neighborhood. Are there any railroads, mountains, lakes nearby? Make sure to point these out and include these on the map too.




Does your child love history and geography? If so, which part or place?


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