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Will College Acceptance Letters be like School Choice Results?

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Will College Acceptance Letters be like School Choice Results?


This week our school choice results are in.  On Sunday I got an automated phone call and email from our school district letting us know that we would be able to check our results early.  The original date for releasing results was Monday morning.  I had an immediate hot flash upon hearing that the results would arrive 24 hours earlier. 
 I looked around after hearing and reading the message.  Good.  No one knew but me.  I wanted to know the results, but not with my oldest around or the hubby, for some reason not with anyone around.  Everybody else was on standby, everybody meaning my mama and sister.  Still I wanted to find out alone.  And that is just what I did.  I waited later in the evening to log on. I hesitated hitting the enter button, as if I was bracing for the taste of nasty medicine. 
Drum roll…we got into one of the two choices we asked for.  [Happy Dance!]
Once I knew the results I called our oldest to the laptop. 
She too approached the screen cautiously.
Denied?’ she whispered to herself with her hand to her chest.
I didn’t say a word.
‘Wait...accepted?’ she looked at me. “I’ve been accepted!?’ she half asked and stated.
I nodded.
Now it was time for her happy dance.
It was weird to watch her read the results, like I had a glimpse into the future.  This will be our last round of school choice for our oldest – at least as far as grade school.  The next school choice we make will be college (eek!).  This applying, waiting to see if you get in, signing in to see the results was a good practice of how ragged my nerves will be when it’s time to check college acceptance letters.  I don’t know if my nerves can take it. Thankfully, I’ve got four years to recover from this year’s school choice round.



If you are the lucky parent who will be receiving a college acceptance letter this upcoming week, make sure that you do the following once your college bound kiddo gets their ‘YES’!:

college acceptance letters what to do now

  1. Tell them you accept! [Revisit the campus if you may be on the fence…but don’t wait too long.]
  2. Find out the necessary deadlines to send in the deposit to hold your spot in the fall.
  3. Send in your deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot
  4. If you need to, help your college bound teen complete the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid ) for financial aid.  FYI student aid deadlines vary by state.
  5. Have a 529 college savings plan? Check into the rules.  529 plans can be different from state to state and school to school.  Also, be clear on what 529 savings plan will and/or will not pay for.
  6. Send a nice decline letter to the other colleges that gave your college bound teen a yes.
  7. Remind your college bound teen that the school year isn't over yet.  Their acceptance is contingent upon them finishing up their senior year strong!!



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