Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day service

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Chance to Remember to Serve

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Chance to Remember to Serve

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Do you remember what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s day of recognition used to be like? Around my way MLK day was not a school holiday. You could expect to be sitting in your desk, listening to the teacher on January 15th, unless for some odd reason there was snow.   
Fortunately my mama didn't wait on the state government to make up their mind on whether we should or should not celebrate the nationally recognized MLK day.  My mama would explain to us that Dr. King was about service and that he demonstrated this by helping others. We didn't attend rally’s and I do not recall ever attending a march (forgive me mama if my memory serves me incorrectly).  Usually the weekend before Dr. King’s birthday my mama would take my sister and me to a nursing home, or we visited the elderly people that she knew. 
The weekend before January 15th my mama will call and make sure that I have plans to take the kiddos somewhere to ‘serve’ someone.  And of course…I don’t.  Shameful, I know.  In my defense, or at least that’s the excuse I’m claiming, I've been busy these past few years: school, working, taking care of a house – you know the usual.  Still, I know these are lame excuses. This is why I vow to do better.
It’s time for me to find places for the kiddos to ‘serve’.  They need to care for a cause or someone else’s needs more than their own.  Hopefully they will learn as I did the great feeling that comes from pulling someone up – in every sense of the word – when they can.  Truth be told they and I could all use a lesson in service.  And I don’t just mean in soup kitchens on MLK holiday either.  This time around we're gonna be led by service and not a holiday.


What are your MLK Day plans?


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