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Exchange Good Grades for Playtime

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Exchange Good Grades for Playtime

Have you made your bracket for March Madness? Even the president of the United States gets in on this deal. You remember last year when billionaire Warren Buffet was ready to part with a few of his dollars for anyone who could have a perfect bracket? Even researchers suggest employers will lose lots of money because of employees focus on their brackets.  I don’t watch basketball faithfully, but I too like to see college basketball’s finest players display their fancy footwork and wrists that propel basket balls miles into the air.  But, truth be told once the crowds cheers are over it will be time for senior players to get a j-o-b, and for most this will mean that they will have to look beyond the court.
It’s nice to see when there is attention to student athletes and their education.  While many are concerned about who will win March Madness, others are concerned about student athletes graduating college.  The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) conducted a study where they compared the academic performance of male and female basketball student-athletes and of African-American and white basketball student-athletes by examining the Graduation Success Rates (GSR) and the Academic Progress Rates (APR) for the tournament teams. What did they find?
  •  The women graduated at a rate of 88 percent vs. 75 percent for the men.
  • White female basketball student-athletes on tournament teams graduated at a rate of 96 percent compared to 84 percent for African-American female basketball student-athletes.
  • White male basketball student-athletes on tournament teams graduated at the rate of 93 percent versus only 69 percent of African-American male basketball student athletes.
My mama and I have had this discussion often about schools, athletes, grades and such.  She and I both agree that it is shameful that some schools only require student athletes to maintain GPA’s as low as 1.8 on a 4.0  scale which is not a great average for high school or college…I’m just saying. Oh but what if the tables were turned and student athletes could not play unless they maintained an average of ohhh let’s say….3.0?? That’s not too high of a bar right?
I like sports. I like student athletes.  I just hate to see anybody get cheated out of an education so that a school can boost ticket sales.  Just like the title ‘student athlete’, the sport comes second and the education comes first. 


Do you think student athletes shouldn’t be able to play without at least a ‘B’ average?


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