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Filling Out College Applications? Did You Look at their Core Curriculum?

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Filling Out College Applications? Did You Look at their Core Curriculum?

Will you and your teen fill out college applications soon?  We are not quite there yet.  But I can only imagine what it will be like to hand our child off to some college.  True it’s been something I’ve practiced for years.  I know it was scary every time my oldest was promoted, i.e  from daycare to preschool, from elementary to middle and God knows from middle to high school.  Each time I had to trust that she would not only be treated well socially but also that her new school would prepare her academically for her future.   
Soon some of you mamas will start helping your teen narrow down college choices. While you and your future scholar are perusing college catalogs you may want to also consider how well a college will prepare them for the world of work.  A 2013 survey found many employers unsatisfied with recent college graduates ability to do such things as communicate ideas effectively, make a persuasive argument to convince others to adopt their ideas or creating a budget or financial goal.  According to a recent study, by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, only 2.1% of colleges/universities require students to take a ‘core curriculum’.  A curriculum that is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge they will need for the challenges of the modern workplace and the demands of engaged citizenship. These core courses include:
  • Expository writing
  • Survey of literature
  •  Intermediate-level foreign language
  •  U.S. history or government
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Natural science
 The study found that:
  • 86.9% of colleges do not require intermediate-level foreign language of their baccalau­reate graduates.
  • 81.7% of colleges do not require a basic course in American history or government.
  • Nearly 40% of colleges allow students to graduate without taking a college-level mathematics course
  • 17.4% of colleges allow students to leave without that a basic course in English composition.
 A’ schools, schools that required students to take 6-7 required core courses, included Baylor, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University as well as twenty others.  We’ll definitely keep our eye on those in the near future.  We only have a year or two before our oldest starts to seriously peruse college catalogs.  You better bet we will be right there beside her when the time comes. Not just to look at the financial cost.  We want to make sure that  the college they attend will also prepare our three by honing some much needed skills they will soon need for a world larger than their neighborhood.   



Will you and your teen fill out college applications soon?


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