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5 Ways to Show Appreciation on Father’s Day

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5 Ways to Show Appreciation on Father’s Day

What are your plans for Father’s Day?  Are you cooking a special meal or perhaps scouring the stores for the perfect gift to show how much you care and appreciate the special man/men in your life?  Check out these great gift ideas for Father’s Day inspiration!  With these Father’s Day gifts the kiddos can get involved and learn at the same time! Sweet!



Make a special Father’s Day breakfast.  You can also make time for learning by having the little ones help with measurements and counting out items.

gift ideas for fathers day

Cinnamon Flapjacks (from tasteofhome.com)



Don’t have letter cookie cutters that won’t melt? Then use powdered sugar to spell out d-a-d! Why not have the little ones find the letters!

 gift ideas for fathers day

Personalized Pancakes (from twincities.com)



Or perhaps a dad inspired lunch will make the man in you and the kiddos lives feel appreciated!  Here again the younger ones can count out the pepperoni and help with the spelling of ‘dad’.

 gift ideas for fathers day

#1 Dad Pepperoni Pizza (from hungryhappenings.com)





Instead of giving good old dad another tie for Father’s Day – how about have the tweens or teens make this personalized tie rack. Great for practicing measuring!

 gift ideas for fathers day

Dad’s Love Tie Rack (from poppiesatplay.blogspot.com)



Who’s always washing cars in the house? If it’s dad, save him a few trips to Walmart with these supplies and then, if he’ll let you, offer to wash the cars for him.  This is a great gift because kiddos of all ages can participate!  I see a lesson about water pressure in here somewhere….

 gift ideas for fathers day

Car Wash Gift Basket (from innerchildfun.com)


PTSY wishes you a Wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!!


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