Can’t Take the Pollen? Try Family Fun inside this Weekend

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Can’t Take the Pollen? Try Family Fun inside this Weekend



It’s finally time for spring!   If outside your window looks anything like mine there is a dust storm of pollen swirling through the air.  We are going to try and keep the activities confined to the house until we get a good shower of rain.  So the kiddos won’t be on a 24 hours tv or Kindle kick we will try one of these family fun activities! 


Create a Reading Nook

Add some pillows to this tent and a great book and this would be so comfy to read in! (from


 Add this canopy to a…(from

...bean bag and it becomes a perfect reading nook (from


A hanging chair can be a great reading nook in a tween or teens room! (from

Create a reading nook big enough for the entire family to enjoy! (from



Movie marathon

  • Choose a book in the house to help create a theme (i.e. haunted houses, sci-fi, and friendships)
  • Have a short quiz for the kids/tweens/teens to answer after reading the book.
  • Change the room into movie magic
  • Order the movie that matched the book on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video




Travel the World

  • Have the kiddos plot out places to travel on a map.
  • Have them write down the many cities, states and countries they will visit.
  • Have them to think about and look up on the internet what will they need: a passport, money, book for translating, time zone changes 




Become a Mad Scientist

Lift an Ice Cube with String Experiment (from

What you'll need
  • Glass of water
  • String
  • Salt
How to play
  1. Submerge an ice cube in a glass of water for a second or two. Let it float to the top.
  2. Place one end of a length of string on top of the ice cube and sprinkle a little salt over it. Count to 5.
  3. Pick up the loose end of the string. The ice will lift right out of the glass!
Before you explain how the 'magic' happened, ask:
  • What do you think made the string stick to the ice?
  • Did the ice melt in the water or remain the same temperature once you  put the salt in?
  • How does this experiment  explain why people spread salt on the road before and after it snows?
How it actually works: The salt is the secret ingredient. It lowers the freezing temperature of water, so it easily melts ice. That's why people in cold climates spread it on the road after a snowfall — and why the ocean rarely freezes. When you sprinkle the salt on the ice, some of the ice melts back into water, which is absorbed by the string. Seconds later, the water in the string refreezes (the ice underneath the string never touches the salt, so it doesn't melt). The result? The string is frozen to the cube, allowing you to pick it up.



Dancing with the Family

Here is a great way to not only burn off energy while you wait out the pollen, but also to get in a little exercise.
  • Have a Dancing with the Family contest.
  • Pair siblings with parent or children against parents.
  • Call over grandparents, aunts and uncles to do the judging.
  • Kids/tweens/teens get to choose their own music (Motown, Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul etc.)
  • Make rules: i.e. dance routine needs to be at least 2 minutes, at least one twirl and the running man (you will probably have to explain what the running man is..).


Make one of these activities apart of your family fun this weekend and enjoy family time!

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