Easter Activities for Teens, Tweens and Kids

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Easter Activities for Teens, Tweens and Kids


Are you the one in charge of the Easter egg hunt this year…or every year?  When I was little we would have our annual Easter egg hunt at my auntie’s church.  Seeing who could find the most eggs was such a serious competition.  Back then egg hunts were about finding real eggs.  Nowadays every egg hunt I’ve been to sends children out to find plastic eggs filled with candy and sometimes money!  Since it seems to be a new day for Easter egg hunts, I’ve found these super cool egg-tastic Easter activities for teens, tweens and elementary kids. 

Teens & Tweens

 GPS Egg Hunt

Easter Activities for Teens, Tweens and Kids

  1. The tweens or teens will need their smartphone for this egg hunt.  
  2. Use Geocaching   
(here’s a nice explanation of how geocaching works) or you can plot the GPS coordinates of each egg's hiding spot and write them out on a list yourself.
3. Or you can give the tweens or teens a starting set of coordinates, which will lead them to a series of egg containing coordinates.
4. Even better make a grid of the area you want to use as the egg hunt.  Have the tweens or teens complete the coordinates (like this one) and then use the coordinates to find the eggs
5. Give each teen a copy of the list or coordinates and let them use their GPS devices or smart phones to find the eggs.
6. The teen to find the most eggs is the winner.


Upper Elementary

Create an Egg Geode (from stevespanglerscience.com)

Easter Activities for Teens, Tweens and Kids

Create crystallized colorful eggs this Easter.  This is a nice egg activity if the forecast calls for rain and the egg hunt will have to be postponed. 
What will you need to make Egg Geode?
  • Egg
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Food coloring
  • Alum powder (look in the spice section of your local grocers)
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Bowl
  • Beaker/glass
  • Spoon
  • Pushpin
Find out what to do next here


Younger Elementary

Math it Up Egg Hunt

Easter Activities for Teens, Tweens and Kids

  1. Hide plastic eggs with simple addition and subtraction problems inside.
  2. After all kids collect the eggs have them sit down and work out the math problems (you get the tweens and teens to help with this one).
  3. When all math problems are worked out the final number will be the address to where all Easter baskets or treats are hidden! Sweet!


Have a Egg-Tastic Weekend and Happy Easter!!


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