Lessen the Stress with These Parenting Prom Tips

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Lessen the Stress with These Parenting Prom Tips

It’s Prom Time! I can’t wait until I get to help my daughters shop for a dress and special hairstyle.  With the new trend of prom proposals I also can’t help but wonder how they will be asked to the prom.  If it’s anything like these two students than it will be super sweet!

Prom may be an sentimental milestone, but it’s not a cheap one.  I don’t quite remember what the cost was during my day but Visa’s survey predicts parents will spend almost $1,000 to get their teens ready for the prom.  A 14% decrease according to Visa.  But still $1,000 can be nothing to sneeze at.  To save some money here are a few tips for hair-do’s and make-up and more!


Prom hair-do’s Inspiration:

Long (natural hair)


Long (relaxed)



Short (natural)



Looking for a Make-up Tutorial?

 Either for you to try at home or to explain exactly what you want at the make-up counter!




Hmmm, what should you have in your clutch? Check out these prom purse must haves 



Prom Etiquette

Is your son (or daughter) prom clueless? Has he gotten the date and now thinks there’s nothing else to do? Well, you know and I know that he’s wrong, he’ll probably need some reminders about making dinner plans and buying a corsage.  This prom etiquette video can also be useful






To Bow Tie or Not?

Are you (or your husband) more familiar with a regular tie?  Well, have no worries you can view this tutorial on Bow tie tying to get right.




What are all those pieces on the tuxedo for?

Check out this video on how to put on a tuxedo for help!





Hope the teens have a happy and safe prom! Take plenty of pictures!

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