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Sparking Oscar Inspiration

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Sparking Oscar Inspiration


Will you do a drive by on the Academy Awards this year? I know I usually only watch when there is a person of color up for a nomination.  As the infographic below indicates, the Academy Awards do not have a history of being people of color friendly.
(from Lee and Low)
Recently I took our three to a Black History Month program.  The purpose of the production was to portray a slave meeting  planning an escape.  It was a fabulous portrayal.  One directed by my mama’s best friend and her daughter.  
We have always known them to entertain.  Our children have seen them at our house for Thanksgivings, birthday parties and cookouts.  The two, in an instant, can change voices and contort faces that could place you smack in the middle of the scene their trying to recreate.  But this was the first time our three had ever seen them in full character with vocals. Our children were wide eyed and openmouthed.
“I didn’t know she could sing.”
 “I didn’t know she was so funny.”
I then saw the Black History program not only as a teachable moment about Black History, but also about the many other talents and possibilities they may not think Blacks are capable of.  Double score!
If you check out the Academy Awards this weekend, see if you may have a little movie maker in your own home. Try out the following roles of movie makers and see if one just might fit.   



Give up the phone or use the new tablet or iPad to make a movie AND inspire the kiddos with some of the following past and present Academy Award nominees:

Screenwriter - Create movie and television scripts.

Have the kids write the movie and then think about who’s going to play what part.

Screenwriter Inspiration:

Charles Fuller

A Soldier’s Story


John Ridley

12 Years a Slave


Director: visualize how a script will be acted out. Action!

Director Inspiration:

Steve McQueen

12 Years a Slave


Lee Daniels

 The Butler


Costume Designers – create the look of each character by designing clothes and accessories the actors will wear in performance.

Let them go crazy through old clothes – ooo what fun!

Costume Designer Inspiration:

Ruth Carter

Malcolm X and Amistad
Sharen Davis

Ray and Dream Girls

Best Original Score/Original Song - original music written specifically to accompany a film.

What’s a movie without a soundtrack? Place someone in charge of creating the movie’s theme music.

Composer Inspiration:

Pharrell Williams

 Despicable Me 2
Siedah Garrett

 Real in Rio (movie Rio)


Movie Editor - works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture.


Editor Inspiration:

Hugh A Robertson  - Edited Midnight Cowboy and Shaft




Deanna Nowell

 Three Can Play That Game
Use Windows Movie Maker for the editing.  
These are all great ways to promote reading, writing, cooperation, creativity and not to mention THNKING skillsPop some popcorn and have a movie night, courtesy of the future Academy Award winners in your house!



Will you create a movie this weekend? If so please share it with PTSY!



Have a Happy Weekend!!


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