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Fun Super Bowl Snacks, Commercials and Math!

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Fun Super Bowl Snacks, Commercials and Math!

Excuse me for saying this…but I am not a fan of football.  I know the game well.  I grew up in a household where everybody loved to watch football, but me.  I understand the game, however I would much rather spend my time watching a Law and Order marathon. 
On the other hand, I love Super Bowl munchies and camaraderie.  This week I will be on football munchies duty – happily I might add.  And of course I plan to make the most of a teachable moment any way that can! Try some of the following Super Bowl eats and brain treats this weekend with the family. Enjoy!

For the Preschool and Kindergarten kids:

The kiddos can get involved in the Super Bowl.  Have them count out the number pretzels needed to make these Oreo Helmet Cookie Balls

super bowl snacks parenting tips

Or count out the taco shells for these Taco Cups

Taco Cups super bowl parenting tips


The football field is full of shapes.  Get the kiddos introduced to geometry by having them point out shapes on the football field.

super bowl math parenting tips

This site, Figuring Football is also helpful!
Ask them to keep an eye for the clock during the Super Bowl, count by tens with the lines on the football field or recognize the numbers on the football jerseys
super bowl parenting tips football field math  

For the elementary kids:

Critically analyzing images in the media is a useful skill at any age.  Even first graders can draw conclusions about images they see on the television.  Instead of just looking at ads for entertainment, kids can also make conclusions about their world and cultural traditions.  Pick from the Super Bowl Ads for 2014 and have the elementary schooler in your house analyze a few.  


The Heinz 2014 Super Bowl

 Heniz 2014 Super Bowl Ad parenting tips moms dads

Cheerios Charming Super Bowl 2014 Ad

cheerios 2014 super bowl ad parenting tips moms

You can use the questions below as a guide. Have your child think about:

Who is the target audience (who is the advertiser trying to reach)?
What is the message of the ad (what does it tell you about the product)?
What about the art and color of the ad got their attention?
What persuasive techniques did the advertisers use (how did they convince you to do something)?
What biases/stereotypes do they think are hidden in the ad? What biases or stereotypes does the ad play on? (i.e. body images, beliefs about mothers or people of color)
On the Market: Thinking Critically About Advertising is also a great source of questions to ask your child about critically thinking about advertising.

 critical literacy predictions super bowl parenting tips

Also discuss time with the elementary schooler in your house. Have them think about the past, present and future by explaining what a prediction is.  Ask your child to make predictions about who may win the Super Bowl and why one might want to make a prediction. 


For the Big Kids:


super bowl parenting tips math teens

Tweens and teens can analyze data and statistics for the Super Bowl.
Have your tween or teen review data and research on head injuries in football.  Then have them write an argument for or against the use of brutal force or more technologically advanced helmets in football.
 Football offers a natural entry point into statistics. Have students compare the stats of the two teams or the two quarterbacks playing.  Based on the stats, which team or quarterback do they think will do better? You can have your tween or teen write up their predictions based on the statistics, then revisit the predictions after the game.
Have your teen check out these Super Bowl 2014: Stat Predictions for Game's Key Players to help form their predictions


How do you plan to enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend with the family?

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