Traveling and Learning on Spring Break

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Traveling and Learning on Spring Break


I am ready for spring break like the next mama.  A break on making lunches, ironing clothes for the next day and waking up for the morning rush will not be missed this upcoming week.  However, we can’t take a complete break from learning.  We will still read books and work on math problems on our stay-cation.  But for those of you who will hit the road this spring break week, take these learning tips along with you!


To make the most out of wherever you are going to visit:

Before trip – 



  • Research where you will visit on the web with the kiddos, you can go to googlmaps and map out the trip together.See if you can find any connections to what they are learning in school.
    • Google Earth is a really great site too that’s excellent for teaching kids about location.
  • Map out tours of historic homes, museums and businesses.
  • Create a sheet of questions you would like for the kiddos to answer before the trip.


While you are there – 


  • Give your kiddos cameras (or unlimited access to your phone) to take pictures or record video.
  • Collect pamphlets and learning materials.
  • Encourage the kiddos to conduct brief interviews with the person leading the tour or with locals (with you standing right beside them of course).


When you return from trip -   


  • Collect all videos and pictures taken on your trip.
  • Put pictures and information from pamphlets in a collage or have the kiddos think of a creative way to tell a story about what you learned.
  • Have the kiddos create a movie with Windows Movie Maker or perhaps put together a collage of the trip using shutterfly.


Have a great spring break!




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