Valentine’s Love and Learning

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Valentine’s Love and Learning

We've been snowed/iced in for the last three days.  At the first sign of sunlight and melted ice on the roads we broke out – straight to Cracker Barrel and Walmart.  It was wonderful! It was also then that we realized that it was really and truly Valentine’s day.  Being stuck in the house all week we've only thought about the snow and what great food and snacks we could consume.  Today, being out and about, seeing folks snatch up pink and red flowers and balloons has reminded us that this is a nationally recognized day of love.  Oh, but what about learning?
Our children will not return to school for another 5 whole days!! This means that we have to do something at home to keep the brain juices going.  While we have been reading and working on assignments and Valentine’s Day cards, these activities pale in comparison to the TV time they've enjoyed.  So, over the weekend we also plan to try out the following activities:
*Disclaimer: Your children may fight doing this every step of the way. There may even be some whining, watery eyes and mutterings of “I can’t do this.” Mine did. You may even hear yourself saying 'why did I try this?' I did. Nevertheless, after an hour the oldest and youngest created a song, and the middle produced a story. Success!

Big Kids:

parenting achievement gap tips African American
Have your tween or teen think about these 5 Countries that have banned Valentine's Day


  • Is Valentine’s Day another time in the year for businesses to make money? And is this okay?
  • Are these countries that’ve banned Valentine’s Day have the right idea?
  • What did they think after they read Valentine’s Day: Love’s enemies (from The Economist)
Is your teen interested more into science then writing? More importantly do they think that they are in love this Valentine’s Day? Put their assumed love to the test by having them look into the science of love and attraction.
  • Have your tween or teen check out these videos on the Science of Love and Attraction.  Perhaps maybe then they will see why they need to drop that boyfriend you don’t like or the girlfriend you wish they never met.


  • Is attraction and love the same thing? Why or why not?
  • What points about the video do they feel are true or not?
  • What is their love map? Do they and their friends have a healthy ‘love map’?
  • What is a biological anthropologist ? Would they consider the field?


Have your blooming artist create a song about love. Require they include music and sing/perform for the family!


Elementary Kids:

parenting achievement gap tips African American 
  • Watch this video about Saint Valentine? Then have the kiddos create a timeline of how Valentine’s Day came to be.
  • Have your child write a story about love and encourage them to use descriptive details.  Explain how they can use words that can make the reader feel like they can touch, taste, smell or see what they are talking about.

Pre-K and Kindergarten:

parenting achievement gap tips African American valentines day

parenting achievement gap tips African American valentines day

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

(Here's to closing the achievement gap!)


Do you have any learning activities planned this Valentine's Day?

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