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First Day of School: Time to Say Goodbye and Hello to a few things..

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First Day of School: Time to Say Goodbye and Hello to a few things..

The first day of school has come and gone for us and saying goodbye to summer vacation from school means saying hello to so many other things. For instance:
Goodbye: Leaving the teens in bed or dropping the kids off at the sitter or summer camp on the way to work.
Hello: Waking sleepy teens and/or kids, and rushing them all out the door with breakfast in hand to scarf down in the car/bus.
Goodbye: Morning traffic not congested with carpool lines and bus stop pick-ups and drop offs.
Hello:  An extra thirty minutes to my alarm clock to compensate for the extra thirty minutes in morning commute.
Goodbye: Telling the kids to put on clean, matched clothes most days of the week.
Hello: Planning, ironing and putting out clothes at night as to avoid hunting down a certain matching sock or shoe or worse yet – school requested color shirt that is neither in the dryer, washer or the drawers. [Gasp]
school lunch children lunch room
Along with adjusting to new school times and schedules I am also saying ‘hello’ once again to school lunchbox duty. [Ergh.]  It is time consuming and aggravating but even still I like to send lunch for two reasons:
  1. As a former teacher I have seen school lunches and I’d rather not.
  2. We eat only turkey, fish and mostly organic chicken.  All of which the school rarely or doesn’t serve.  So in my quest to also give the kids snacks and juice, with little to no dye or too much sugar, I have to provide a bagged lunch. 
In choosing what to send for lunch my kids are not always a fan of what I send.  On the other hand I would like to think that I am a fan of the old folks notion about how to deal with picky eaters which is that ‘Hungry people eat’. But I’ll admit, I balance the mommy guilt of my children refusing to eat or giving away their lunch, by trying to accommodate their requests as much as humanly possible.  The main requests this school lunch year?
  1. Figure out how NOT to send turkey sandwiches every day of the week
  2. AND  provide a hot bagged lunch.
Also one child is allergic to peanuts – so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for one is OUT of the question. Did I mention I find school lunches aggravating and time consuming? Since, my children’s schools do not provide a way to heat food for students who bring bagged lunches my first attempt is making use of these Aladdin thermos containers for lunch this year. 
 school lunch for kids
The label states that it will keep food warm for at least 6 hours and cold for 9.  I put it to the test last week with veggie baked beans and turkey dogs.  I placed them steaming hot in the containers at 7:00 am for two out of three kids.  Their lunch is at 12:30 p.m. One reported their food to be warm; the other stated “it was kinda warm.”  This week I have tried chicken nuggets.  The oldest reported they were soggy, the youngest loved them and all found them to be warm (ya! for that).  I will try to wrap them in foil net time.  Today I tried turkey cheeseburgers, sliced in halfs,  wrapped in foil and stuffed in the Aladdin containers.  I can only imagine what the teachers will think trying to pry them out of there.   
I am searching for new lunch ideas this school year. Here is one that got thumbs up from my son (and my hubby).  The girls have not fallen in love with it yet.
Here are more great lunch ideas from Organic Valley and my Pinterest board Healthy Kid Snack and Meals.  I will definitely try some of these. 



What about you? Are you trying something new for lunch this year?



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