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For Teens: Find Self-Worth Through a Summer Job

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For Teens: Find Self-Worth Through a Summer Job

What advice did your parents give you when you started your first job?   My parents sat me down and told me to always:
Be on time.
Work hard- don’t ever appear as if I have nothing to do.
Ask always what else I can do.
And I did as I was told.  I got my first job when I was thirteen and in the next few years I’d worked my way up to having a store key and making the schedule.  But, after a while I realized there was one thing that my parents did not tell me about – how to negotiate a raise.
Is your teen old enough to start working? The resident teen will be fifteen soon and she is looking for jobs outside of babysitting for family and friends.  Knowing what I know now, before our teen starts her first ‘real’ j-o-b, I’m going to sit her down and tell her the same things my parents told me. But, I’m going to also tell her something else.
I used to think that getting a job as a teen was just about learning responsibility and how to save and spend wisely money one had worked so hard for. Now I also hope that a job will teach our teen to know her self-worth.  Perhaps knowing early what value she can bring to a company will allow her to see how useful her skills, gifts and talents are.   I am hoping there will be a strong connection between playing up her skills and such and a boost to her self –worth, her confidence as well as her pockets - all at the same time.  Wouldn’t that be nice…a parents dream! 
I figure, after she knows her self-worth down pat, teaching her how to get promotions and raises will be a breeze.


What first time job advice are you passing on to your teens?


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