Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn

Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn

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Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn

What food brings back fond memories for you? I have many and popcorn is one of them.  I’m not talking about microwaved popcorn.  Noooo, none of that.  I’m talking about fresh popped popcorn.  Before popcorn kernels were brought to life through electromagnetic waves, there was popcorn made on the stove or in a popcorn popper.  On special days in elementary school the teachers blessed us with this oh so delicious treat.  When it was time to watch movies at the end of the year you could catch a whiff of toasted kernels floating through the hallways.  Me and my classmates would swing our feet as we munched and shushed one another, less our special popcorn be taken away.
When I decided to do my doggone best to stay away from, shall I say…questionably made food, microwaved popcorn was one of the things I gave up.  Then one fine day, thanks to a friend, I was reminded of how simple and fast popcorn can be made.  We stood, side by side, over her stove.  Me doubtful, she on the other hand - not even.  
‘A little oil in the pan.’ she said.   ‘…just enough to cover the bottom. Put in some popcorn kernels and cover the pot. That’s it.’
And she was so right.  It takes a little extra time in that I have to stand for a few minutes and wash out a pot afterwards.  But I’d rather that – this way I hope to get less electromagnetic waves and more smell infused memories.






Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn

1/4 cup canola oil or just enough to cover the bottom of the pan
1 - 1 1/2 cup popping corn, or enough to cover the bottom of the pan
At least 5 quart sized cooking pot  
Other Optional Goodies:





Heat eye on stove to semi high to high (The eye on my stove goes up to 9. I usually turn the eye between 6 and 7).


Pour oil in pot.
Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn


Pour in popping corn.
Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn


Cover pot with lid!!
In about 5-10 minutes you should begin to hear popcorn start to hit the roof of the lid.  When the popping begins to slow down or begins to make the lid rise, turn eye off and slide pot off of eye.
Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn


Fresh Popped Movie Popcorn

Add butter, salt, nuts and raisins and munch away!




Have a wonderful weekend with the family!!



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