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Graduation: The Best Mother’s Day Present Ever!

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Graduation: The Best Mother's Day Present Ever!

What do you want for Mother's Day? Flowers, an outfit.....maybe a day off where you don't have to worry about what the family will eat for dinner. From the little kiddos I look for the tiny ceramic hand prints, or flowers made out of tissue paper for my Mother’s Day gifts. However, once the kiddos get older I expect big things for my Mother’s Day gifts.
My oldest informed me that a friend of hers had saved up $60 to buy her mama a watch for Mother’s Day. After which she looked kind of disappointed in herself.  I remember what it was like to be of teenager age, wanting to buy my  mama a fabulous Mother’s Day gift on a dream, a wish and a prayer budget.  At this age you're too old to make homemade cards, too old to attach a cut out handprint to a Popsicle stick but old enough to realize you wish that you had more.
I told my oldest not to worry. What I wanted for Mother's Day from her? Good grades. She thinks I'm playing, that I am trying to spare her feelings and empty pockets.  But, I am so serious. In just a few years I am hoping that all of her good grades will lead to the best Mother's Day gift of all…graduation! First from high school and then the big one… college!
Today only 28.8% of Americans aged 25 and older has a Bachelor’s degree or higher.  I am a second generation college graduate, a feat that wasn't conquered easily considering the fact that all four of my grandparents did not make it pass middle school.  In 2014, of the 24,864,000 African Americans 25 years or older, 22.2% had at least a bachelor’s degree.
On a positive note African Americans are continuing to pursue a college degree.  The U.S. Labor Department's Bureau of Labor of Statistics (BLS) reported that in 2014 of the graduating high school seniors enrolled in college by October
  • 70.9% African American
  • 67.3% White
  • 86.1% Asian American
  • 65.2% Latinos
But according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), while students of color college attendance rates are on the rise, of the college graduates who finished within six years:
  • 40.2% African Americans
  • 51.9%Latino
  • 62.5% Whites
 My parents’ college degrees changed their lives, and most definitely the lives of me and my sister.  With the kiddos college degrees I hope that they will be able to continue to change their lives for the better too. If you ask me that's just about the best Mother’s day gift ever – well worth the wait for the complete and total upgrade from tissue paper flowers.



Are you getting a college degree in the family for Mother’s Day?


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