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Heads Up to College Students: Employers Want More Than A’s

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Heads Up to College Students: Employers Want More Than A’s

Does your little blooming college scholar think that the road from working the French fry fryer to district manager is paved in one day? That all the wonderful luxuries: flat screen TVs, cable, a pantry and refrigerator full of groceries are easy to get.  You know. The, ‘all you gotta do’ complex? I have one who I believe thinks this way.  While I am in the middle of explaining to her for the umpteenth time about why I shouldn’t have to tell her when to clean her room or the bathroom or when I look at her in disbelief as she asks me to help her figure out how to make the fitted sheet fit her bed, I can’t help but stop and sometimes think:
Where did I go wrong?
I used to think that perhaps maturity and age would bloom together and that she would somehow begin to understand the need to put forth her best self-starter efforts.  But after reviewing a recent report by the Association of American Colleges and Universities I am beginning to think the near future doesn’t look to offer the gaining of such common sense logic.  After surveying hundreds of employers and college students the report found that employers give college graduates low scores for preparedness and what do you know? Most college students think otherwise. For instance:
59% of students said they were well prepared to analyze and solve complex problems, just 24 % of employers agreed.
65% of students said they were well prepared to provide written communication, only 27% of employers agreed.
The oldest has not even had her first real job yet. Like a be- on- time- or- you’re- fired type of job.  Soon though she will have to pick up way more work experience, either through a job after school and/or internships.   Right now I feel like solving the cure to the common cold would be much easier than getting the teen to understand that  half made efforts at assignments completed at her own slow little pace is not gonna cut it.  Thankfully we still have time to figure out where I went wrong. 


Is your college teen ready to succeed in the workforce?


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