Help! I have a Question and I Can’t Reach My Child’s Teacher!

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Help! I have a Question and I Can’t Reach My Child’s Teacher


I’ve been there. Sitting at what seems like the 11th hour before bedtime, faced with a homework question I’ve not seen in ages or worse, I’ve never seen before.  And right beside me, a bright eyed, naïve child who still believes I know everything (hopefully). Pressure? An understatement to say the least.
If you’ve ever painstakingly covered fractions or reviewed the difference between a long and short ‘o’ until your tongue is numb, two options may come to mind:
  1.  Turn interrogation style on your child and see if you can ‘shake’ out of them how the teacher taught the lesson. [not suggested…but understandable]
  2. Or, pursue a more calm approach that involves seeking out other resources to help reinforce or clarify learning.
In the heat of homework madness, option two may not seem worth your while, but indeed it is.
It is never easy to find help for your child when school has closed for the day and the teacher has gone home. Homework hotlines can be outdated, not working or worse yet, unable to talk back.  Some may have hit the homework lottery and found a teacher who has given you the equivalent of a key to a hidden treasure - aka her/his phone number and a time limit that involves being able to reach them before 9:00 pm become solidified in history.  But, truth be told, not every teacher is excited to hear from you or your child after school hours. Nor are some motivated to create extra practice problems for your child.  If you are like me and do not have the pleasure of ‘after hour teacher help’ at your beck and call, there are wonderful places to turn to where you can get help. I would like to recommend:
Teacher Help for Parents. Within this site you can access the following:
  • Extra work in Reading, Math, Writing and Science.
  • Find inspiration for the upcoming Science Fair
  • Help your children practice their poetry skills
  • Find suggested sites for extra math problems and even cute printable lunch box notes to brighten your child’s day!


What sites do you love to use to enhance learning after school hours?

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