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Holiday Break: The Biggest Oxymoron Ever

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Holiday Break: The Biggest Oxymoron Ever

Are you finished preparing for Christmas? There are only 9 more days left until Winter/Christmas/Holiday break begins.  12 if you include the weekends.  This not only means that in no time the kiddos will be home full time but it also means that time is running out for my Christmas countdown preparations.
What’s to do (‘cause I haven’t gotten to it yet)?
  • Send out Christmas cards
  • Find all addresses I have on scraps of paper so I can send out the Christmas cards
  • Trim a tree (that we have not yet bought)
  • Decorate the house in Christmas attire (with lights I have yet to go to the store to replace)
  • Think about planning a Christmas party…but then again maybe not
  • Shop for Christmas dinner
  • Cook Christmas dinner
  • Shop for Christmas presents
  • Wrap Christmas presents
  • Shop for stocking stuffers
  • Make sure the stocking stuffers make it to the stockings
  • Set up the Kwanzaa table
  • Find all the pieces to the Kwanzaa table
Thank the Lord above we don’t have to travel out of state! 
And why, why do I run myself ragged like this, this time of year? To make annual Christmas memories or course!  A recent parent survey by PBS Kids discovered that many parents want to make this Christmas less about things and more about memories.  The survey of millennial parents (ages 18 – 33) found that this holiday season:
  • 82% crave more family time
  • 69% want to do more cooking/baking  
  • 80% want to spend more time playing with their kids
  • 37% saying they would like to spend less time shopping
  • 45% would like to spend less time assembling gifts
  • 95% think it is important to give their kids toys that the family can enjoy together 
It’s true that Christmas preparation and Christmas day go by as fast as a meal that took three hours to prepare and five minutes to eat.  Still all the jingle bell and tinsel rush and fuss are done in hopes that there will be impromptu dances to Stevie Wonder’s “That’s What Christmas Means to Me and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You’ as we trim the tree.  I make my tired dance around the kitchen cooking and baking in hopes that I will catch at least a few glances of the kiddos and hubby’s eyes close with satisfaction after their first bite of the holiday cinnamon rolls.  Me and my eggnog toddy will stay up to 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning to add a layer of wrapping paper to presents in an effort to add a few seconds more to the excitement and anticipation of the kiddos seeing their Christmas list come to life. 
When it’s all said and done hopefully the kiddos will have another great Christmas memory to put in their memory bank.  And hopefully there’s a day off waiting for me when the kiddos go back to school after the first of the year… my own little Winter/Christmas/Holiday break.   



What are you still working on to get ready for Christmas?


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