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I Am So Thankful for Team Family!

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I Am So Thankful for Team Family

Have you ever played on a team? It’s wonderful isn’t it? And nothing is as powerful as when a team stacks their hand in the middle and yells, BREAK! Cause that means it’s time for the team to take on the task at hand!
Last week my team had an incident. There we were on our way to the two youngest spring concert (yes they had it already) and halfway to the concert I hear my son in the backseat ask his little sister:
 ‘Are you okay?'  (Words you never want to hear while you are driving down the highway.)
Then, from the oldest sitting in the passenger seat:
'Ma she doesn't look good...'
Then, from both: 'OH NO! Ewwww, She Threw Up!’ (More words you never want to hear, while you are driving or not.)
I was thinking up a cleanup plan and mentally preparing myself on how bad it looked in the backseat as the car filled with an odor of sourness.
I knew I had to think fast. Well, as fast as I could driving at 65 miles per hour.  Thank God my oldest was on point.  ‘You want me to call granny?' she said.
What a wonderful idea! With the hubby at work and both still ready to go on stage I needed reinforcements!  
Once we arrived at the spring concert we only had thirty minutes until show time.  I realized there was time to wash off, but no time for me to make it to the nearby store to buy a new outfit. Thankfully granny and granddad had time to get to a store and bring in a replacement outfit. And miraculously the oldest forfeited any teenage rebellion and willfully escorted her brother into the building to get him in position and explain the scenario I was now dealing with in the parking lot.
 The youngest arrived on stage a full minute before her speaking part. (Whew!!) Thank God for the players on our team! The grandparents with the outfit to save the day.  The oldest sibling thinking on her feet. And the hubby who called in for support and helped really clean the backseat out when we got back home.
Thank God our team is a pretty well-oiled machine.  We pulled this task off and we didn’t even have to say, BREAK!


When was a time that you really appreciated your ‘team’?


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