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It Took Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner to be (Truly)Thankful

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It Took Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner to be (Truly)Thankful

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I used to think that Thanksgiving was just a time to feast with family.  But, not anymore. My change in feeling has to do with the fact that I am no longer one of the ones waiting for our family’s cattle bell of ‘It’s time to eat!’  Now I am one of the ones standing in the kitchen from dusk till dawn.  And the kitchen view has changed my entire Thanksgiving perspective. 
When my mama and aunts sanctioned me as worthy of contributing to the Thanksgiving table I was real nervous.  And you know why don’t you? Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and sides, it’s about awesome turkey and awesome sides.  Turkey and sides the way my mama and grandma used to make it.  And let me just say that to try and replicate what family Thanksgiving taste buds are accustomed to takes years of practice and sacrifice. 
I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know that Thanksgiving meal contribution meant I would have to get up before God to put a turkey in the oven so that everyone could pick over the pieces they wanted by 2:00 in the afternoon (we usually eat pretty early).  I didn’t know I would have to throw away pounds of butter, sugar and flour because of dishes that didn’t come out right no matter how long I spent on the phone with my mama trying to talk me through a recipe.   I had no idea I would need to regularly slather my painfully scorched fingers with Neosporin and wrap my hands in Band-Aids because I forgot to put on oven mits before I moved a screaming hot casserole dish.  Needless to say I have come to be very thankful for all the years my grandma, mama and aunts took on the twelve hour task in the Thanksgiving kitchen to make it all happen for us when we were little. 
A few years now after my move from Thanksgiving couch to kitchen I understand why mama and aunts worried themselves over everything tasting right and put up with sleep deprivation for a fully cooked turkey.  The twelve hours in the kitchen I now know are for hearing my auntie say that she’s committed the ultimate sin of gluttony upon eating her second plate of turkey and dressing.  It’s for seeing family and friends who you have a footlocker of memories with climbing trees and skinning knees. It’s for yelling at children a hundred times before and after dinner to stop running in the house behind cousins not seen in a year. 
I never thought twelve hour Thanksgiving kitchen duty could do so much for my Thanksgiving perspective.  And I am so thankful that it has.

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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