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More Women with Advanced Degrees…And Children!

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More Women with Advanced Degrees…And Children!

Have you ever looked at your kiddos and thought, maybe one more?  Did your career aspirations influence your decision one way or the other? I asked my mama one time if she ever wanted more children than just me and my sister.  Her response: no.  My grandmother had five children, didn't she ever want more? No.  Did daddy want to have any more, perhaps to see if he could get a son out of the deal? Yep.    
According to my mama with her career two was more than enough for her.
When I was a little girl I always said that I wanted five children.  Where did I come up with this number? I have no earthly idea.  And even now that I know how much of a challenge, career or not, and how expensive it is to raise children, …I still wouldn’t mind five. Crazy, I know!  But given my career aspirations it ain’t happening.
I have had friends, at some point in time before or right after they added another child to the family, who made the proclamation: This is it for me. No. More, Babies!  Most say it’s because raising kids is so expensive.  True indeed. But sometimes I wonder.  Could it be that after years of studying, racking up thousands of dollars in student loan debt and starting out of college with low pay they also wanted to stop stalling their career with maternity leaves? Perhaps. 
PEW recently reported that:
  • About one-in-five women ages 40 to 44 with a master’s degree or higher (22%) have no children – down from 30% in 1994.
  • Among women with at least a master’s degree, six-in-ten have had two or more children, up from 51% in 1994.
Obtaining a graduate degree didn’t change the number of children I wanted to have.  But having children has led me away from certain career paths.  I have always focused on the type and size of family I would like to have and thought that my career would pretty much come along for the ride.  If anything a teenager’s raunchy attitude or a toddlers fall out tantrum would cool down any baby fever I may have more than any masters or PhD career aspirations could ever do.


Did your career aspirations influence your decision to have more children?



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