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A Mama’s Back to School Prayer

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A Mama’s Back to School Prayer

Dear God,
Please protect my three this school year.
Please thwart every plan my oldest baby girl may try to put together to change into short skirts and low cut tops at a friend’s house or the bathroom at school.
God give my oldest the sense and the strength to slap any boy silly who dares to try and touch her butt as she walk through the hallways.  Additionally God, when it comes to boys, instead of longing for the toothy grin jock who may not even know her name, may she recognize the nice boy who wears a belt that chokes his waist, but opens doors for her, keeps a part-time job after school, and is enrolled in honors classes.
Please God remind her of the goals she’s listed to me a hundred times and rearranged a hundred ways when the same chivalrous boy let’s his hormones speak for his common sense and puts the full court pressure on her to give him more than a kiss and a held hand. (God help me!)
Please help her stick to believing that her kinky coils are beautiful.  And lastly Lord I pray that my oldest will not waiver in her confidence when and if she feels that there seems to be more brains under the blonde, brunette and red heads in her class than there are beneath her head of coils.
I pray for all of my three but especially for my son, given the fate of many African American boys, that their teachers will see the next US Senator or CEO of a Fortune 500 company when they look at them.  And NOT the next potential candidate to take the plank walk to the principal or administrator’s office.
Please God strike down any big toothed, bad breathe boy or girl who may try to step into any of my children’s faces.  And if they do please give them the strength from the bottom of their souls to not flinch, look them in the eye and say “I- wish- you -would.” Or at least God I hope you will send an adult, in the form of me and their daddy’s care and concern, to say it for them.
I pray that they all find someone to laugh with and that you will help them to have the confidence to not laugh alongside those who are laughing at others. 
Please God may my phone ring or email chime from the school for only congratulatory words for the achievements of any of our three.  Please forbid any phone calls for slippery hands on the monkey bars, or legs that didn’t quite make the dared jump over the puddle of mud.  God I pray for bionic shield-like strength from the requested bottles of hand-sanitizer to ward off the flu, cold or anything that requires out of school recuperation.
I thank you Lord for all of your blessings, another school year and covering things I could not even know or think to ask for.  Amen!

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