Dreading Back to School Mornings in the Last Weeks of Summer

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Dreading Back to School Mornings in the Last Weeks of Summer

Growing up I started my school mornings with a dare from my father.  He dared me to return home from the bus stop while he was getting ready for work and tell him that I’d missed the bus to get to school.  Before my mama left for work in the morning she had a hot breakfast ready for me and my sister on the stove, made sure our clothes were ironed and our hair done.   My daddy, however, was responsible for completing the last leg of the school morning race – making sure we got out of the house on time.  Back then I naively thought what’s the big deal if I miss the bus and you have to take me to school?  What’s the big deal if I make you a little late?  
For me, seeing back to school items in the store brings on the kind of dread I feel anticipating an appointment for a cavity filling.  I am happy for the kids to return to school, but not necessarily happy about returning to the school schedule, especially the morning schedule.  With school mornings soon to make a comeback it means I will have to channel my inner drill sergeant and shamefully teach my kids how to finesse the art of scarfing down breakfast in the car.  During the summer I welcome a break from the school morning rush like a well-earned vacation.  Not the type of vacation where you have to bag up a trunks worth of snacks, kids clothes (including for wet and dry activities) and electronic games that will be ignored half an hour into the car ride.   I am talking about the type of vacation where you get to completely move at your own leisure.  The kind of vacation where your usual day to day activities, like cooking and cleaning have been put on hold, or at the very least taken down to a one meal and one good counter wipe minimum.   
While the kids may think that the last weeks of summer are for them to rest up before they get back into the swing of homework and tests.  Little do they know that I savor the last few weeks of summer too.  When school starts I will be the one holding down the last leg of the school morning race.  And I don’t look forward risking being late to work because halfway to school somebody in the back seat realizes they left their book bag (which of course contains not only their homework but lunch too) right beside the door to the garage – AGAIN!


How are you enjoying the last weeks of summer?

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