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Learning How to Deal With Stress..Before the School Year Starts

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Learning How to Deal With Stress..Before the School Year Starts

How do you deal with stress?    I spin my wheels when I am stressed.  I get distracted and frustrated easily.  It takes me twice as long to do the simplest things.  Before I know it I am cussing and fussing at a bath towel that is insistent on sliding back down the towel bar every time I try to hang it up.  I can hear a voice telling me to calm down, but sometimes stressful days are like becoming engulfed in a massive crowd, in which I am moving one way when I have every good intention of going the other.
School will be back in session soon.   Along with back to school reminders about orientation and summer reading assignments I have already received emails about signing the kids up for their fall activities.  During the summer week we only have one or two activities to get the kiddos to.  Starting in September that number will kick up to three or four days a week (not including Saturday activities).  Just thinking about it I can feel stress pimples beginning to emerge on my face.  This school year, however, I am determined to learn how to limit the choke hold pressure stress can sometimes have. 
Unfortunately, these days it’s not uncommon to find stressed out folk.  A recent poll by the Harvard Opinion Research Program, The Burden of Stress in American, asked whether people had had a major stressful event or experience in the past year and about half of the public (49%) said yes.   When asked had they experienced stress in the last month, 26% reported having a “great deal” of stress, 37% experienced “some” stress, 23% reported “not very much” stress, and some report having “no stress at all” (14%).

Some of the most common experiences that contributed to stress among people with ‘A Great Deal of Stress’:


54% - too many responsibilities
48% - juggling schedules of family members
39% - household tasks
 38% - cooking and cleaning, and running errands
It’s important for me to get a handle on stress.   Stress does not just impact my life, but also the lives of others around me.  The Burden of Stress in America also reported that more than four in ten of those under ‘A Great Deal of Stress’ in the last month reported that this stress:
45% - made it harder to get along with family members
44% - prevented them from spending time with family members
42% - caused more arguments with family members
40% - prevented them from handling household tasks
39% - prevented them from caring for family members in the way they want to
Fortunately there are solutions.  Activities like regularly spending time outdoors (94%), on a hobby (93%), exercising (89%) helped ease those under a great deal of stress.  My daily stress regulators, without a doubt, have been regular exercise, prayer and meditation.  All of which help me do a better job at remaining mindful of how blessed I am.
What do I do on rare super high level stress days? The days that from the time I get up I feel like there is a room full of hungry people whom I've invited to eat dinner, and not only am I late getting dinner on the table, but I've burned the entree too.  On those days I've found a spirited red Solo cup and some Mint Condition in the background are nice ways to send my stress its own little taste of distraction and frustration.

What helps you to de-stress?

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